Choosing Mobi Garden's outdoor camping gear is choosing a brand dedicated to providing high cost-performance, professional-grade products for outdoor enthusiasts. Since 2003, our Cold Mountain series tents have undergone continuous innovation and upgrades to meet ever-changing camping demands.

Mobi Garden's tents are designed with comfort and durability in mind. From the first generation of Cold Mountain tents, we've resolved the pain points of traditional hiking tents, such as stuffiness and heavy weight, by improving aluminum pole brackets and ventilation systems. Today, the Cold Mountain series has upgraded to the fifth generation, with each iteration centered around the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our tents are lightweight and easy to set up, making hiking and camping more enjoyable. We continuously improve materials and designs to enhance wind resistance and breathability. Furthermore, our products are competitively priced, allowing more outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality camping experiences.

In summary, choosing Mobi Garden means acquiring a reliable, cost-effective, professional-grade tent that has undergone multiple upgrades. Let us accompany your outdoor adventures and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature together.

The Legend Of Cold Mountain


In 2003, Mobi Garden overcame the traditional pain points of stuffy and heavy backpacking tents by innovating and improving the aluminum pole support and ventilation system. They launched the first-generation revolutionary "Cold Mountain" backpacking tent, which quickly became the benchmark product for camping.

Today, through continuous independent iteration and innovation by the design team, the "Cold Mountain" has been upgraded to its fifth generation to meet various camping needs, creating a sales legend of over 800,000 units.

The original intention of Mobi Garden in creating the Cold Mountain series was to make professional-grade tents with high cost-performance ratios affordable for all outdoor enthusiasts.


The Mobi Garden Cold Mountain series tents have undergone several upgrades since 2003, focusing on improving the ventilation system, weight, stability, and breathability. These improvements have continuously optimized the design, performance, and quality of the Cold Mountain series tents, providing outdoor enthusiasts with high cost-effective professional tents.