All Mobi Garden includes a 1 year limited warranty against product failure caused by manufacturing, material, and design defects. Products will be repaired when possible or replaced based on the specific needs of each case. In this category, shipping fee is free to charge.

Scuffs, punctures, or tears caused by wear, misuse or accidents are also covered. However, in this situation you need to pay for shipping.


We provide LIFETIME Repairs EXCLUDE fabric and materials natural aging or decomposition. If you encounter a problem, please use "Order Number + Repair" as the title, inform us of the product to be repaired and the part of the product that is damaged (with pictures so that we can deal with it more quickly), then send an email to: support@mobigarden.shop

When sending in gear for repair, please make sure it is free from pet hair, grass, and debris, dirt, etc or they may be rejected and returned back to you.

You need to know the following:

1. If we sent you some parts, it can only be used for Mobi Garden
2. We are not responsible for products sent back to us without prior contact
3. We only provide services to customers of official website: mobigarden.shop .Β 
4. These parts may be changed with the update of the product. We will try our best to find the closest one for you.
These part can be: Zipper head, Guyline and Buckle, elastic rope, repair patch…