2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mobi Garden brand.

Adhering to the spirit of professionalism, persistence, and exploration, Mobi Garden has continuously led the industry trends.

The launch of our new brand video represents an upgrade in the brand philosophy and serves as a declaration of our brand attitude. Starting from this point, we will advocate and continue to promote the value concept of "bringing refined comfort to nature and bringing nature back to life."

Humans have created urban environments, yet they are also troubled by the hustle and bustle of city life. Only by embracing nature can we learn to embrace ourselves again.

In the famous work "Walden," Thoreau, after more than two years of intimate observation, listening, feeling, and contemplating nature, exclaimed, "Sometimes, the most beautiful, gentle, pure, and inspiring interaction may very well be the one between humans and nature."

Our lens focuses on urban solo travelers, couples, and families, capturing their carefree moments in the wilderness.

[ Carefree Solo Journey ]

[ Carefree Couples ]

[ Carefree Parent-Child Bonding ]

These three representative stories depict journeys into nature to find one's inner sanctuary. Let's embark on this adventure together, experiencing the beauty and energy of nature.


[ Embracing the great outdoors with ease is a concept, an attitude, a commitment, and a form of protection. ]


Mobi Garden has always advocated for a "camping professionalism" core, incorporating the equipment quality standards required for high-altitude camping in harsh environments into refined camping, hiking, picnicking, and home camping experiences. The protection and love for campers are integrated into the design and manufacturing of each piece of equipment.


We will continue to lead the industry as witnesses, companions, and guardians, growing together with thousands of camping enthusiasts.