Cold Mountain Plus ( With Snow Skirt )

With a decade of quality accumulation, this camping tent has earned the trust of 700,000 loyal users....
Color: White
Style: Cold Mountain 2 Plus
Subtotal: $169.00

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Cold Mountain Plus ( With Snow Skirt )

Cold Mountain Plus ( With Snow Skirt )

$0.00 $169.00

Cold Mountain Plus ( With Snow Skirt )

$0.00 $169.00
Color: White
Style: Cold Mountain 2 Plus

With a decade of quality accumulation, this camping tent has earned the trust of 700,000 loyal users. As a strategic partnership product with the International Camping Federation (FICC), it has become the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Unique snow skirt design gives the tent an advantage in harsh environments: Suitable for camping in snowy or sandy terrain, the snow skirt design effectively blocks snow or sand from entering the tent, enhancing wind resistance.

The tent uses 7-series aviation aluminum poles to ensure stability in strong wind conditions: The 7001 aviation aluminum alloy poles are lightweight and portable, with high strength and sturdy structure, capable of withstanding level 7 strong winds.

Streamlined design makes the tent more stable in the wind, effectively reducing wind resistance and improving wind resistance performance.

Full tent waterproof treatment allows you to fearlessly face harsh outdoor weather: With an outer tent PU2000MM waterproof rating, it can easily withstand heavy downpours, keeping you dry in the rain.

Raised groundsheet design improves waterproof performance, effectively preventing raindrops from splashing in. In addition, the raised groundsheet also increases the insulation of sleeping bags, keeping you warm on cold nights.

Front and rear ventilation double-door design enhances tent breathability: The inner tent has front and rear doors, paired with mesh on both sides, providing ventilation from all sides for a comfortable outdoor living environment.

The outer tent features a double ventilation window design, effectively reducing condensation at the tent top, maintaining dryness and comfort inside. This tent combines functionality and comfort, making it the ideal choice for your camping trip.

Style 2 Plus (2-person) 3 Plus (3-person)
Outer Tent Polyester Polyester
Inner Tent Polyester Polyester
Mesh Polyester Polyester
Groundsheet Polyester Polyester
Poles Aviation aluminum poles Aviation aluminum poles
Dimensions 210*140*105CM 210*180*115CM
Packed Size 39*16*16CM 39*17*17CM
Weight Approx. 2.82kg Approx. 3.26kg



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