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Mobi Garden Camping Conference | Encounter the gentlest green of the mountains, bringing a different outdoor lifestyle

14 Mar 2022 0 Comments


April 21-22, 2021, MOBI GARDEN
Join us at the Wilderness Garden Camp in Zhouzhuang, Suzhou,
to join this "MOBI VILLA in the Wild" camping event under the spring wild dome.
"MOBI VILLA" camping conference in Suzhou Zhouzhuang.
Encounter the most gentle green of the mountains.

The most beautiful encounter together

In a place where neon is not far from the starry sky.
A camping conference "MOBIVILL .A in the Wild" was slowly opened with the tents strewn in the constant beauty of the mountains and nature.
MOBI GARDEN has always insisted on delivering the outdoor lifestyle of GLAMPING. And the way to deliver it is not only through the photos in the camera,
It is through the real camping experience - building a place in the mountains and the wilderness, creating a warm resonance with nature.
As MOBI GARDEN has always advocated the brand concept of "close to nature, explore nature, protect nature, harmony between man and nature".

A Camping Without Strangers

Get close to nature and enjoy the ritual of camping.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, regain the original heart of the beginning, the long-awaited camping activity has begun!
Leave your own symbol on the MOBI GARDEN ERA canopy name, so this tent also has a special commemorative meaning.

Tmall Xiao Er Xing Ze, Zhang Ji Da and Li Yang Jun, who are in charge of Asia Outdoor Expo, Wang Yilei from ISPO, Benny from Element, and the head of Arthur Sports, and even KOLs from inside and outside the circle ......
The love of the outdoors brought everyone together and collided with each other to create more sparks. The camping conference was a great opportunity to pick up the bright spring light of nature together.


The beauty of life, soaked in the spring like this.
The fireworks went up on the camping site, and the food is always the fastest way to bring people closer to each other. We shared our happiness and feelings in the sound of music. sharing the joy, the feeling and the way of life that we like. It is not only the camping life that moves people camping life, but also the most comfortable way to get along with people, people and nature.
It is the most comfortable state of life between people and nature.


Pack up a good night and stay in your own "little forest
As the night drew on, we were treated to a campfire camping and open-air movie show. The firewood crackled in the darkness, and everyone sat around the campfire, chatting and eating. We sat around the campfire, chatting and enjoying the food under the starry sky.
The temperature difference between day and night in the south is relatively large, and the evening wind is shivering, but the warmth of this moment not only from the fire burning in front of us.

Sitting around with everyone, holding popcorn and watching the outdoor movie 《Shake Camping》, the smile also has more reckless and pure.

Press the pause button and start from the heart


In the morning, the mountain air is particularly fresh, and at the main venue of the "MOBI VILLA in the Wild" Tmall Camping Conference, we welcomed a SLENDDY morning yoga.
Leave the rush of the city, place your heart in the arms of nature and feel the softness of the breeze blowing on your face.

The 2-day "MOBI VILLA in the Wild" camping conference is coming to an end, but the pace of environmental protection does not end there, everyone carefully cleaned up the garbage and sorted it.
MOBI GARDEN insists on the brand concept of "close to nature, explore nature, protect nature, and harmony between human and nature", and We have been practicing the protection of the environment.

How can we live without living in nature once in a while?
Close to nature, explore nature, protect nature, the harmony between man and nature
Let's embrace nature to the fullest and sleep well with the mountains and the wilderness!



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