Portable Air Pump

Multiple Nozzle Attachments to Satisfy Various Inflation Needs1. Long Nozzle: Suitable for certain airbeds and air mattresses.2....
Color: White
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Portable Air Pump

Portable Air Pump


Portable Air Pump

Color: White
Multiple Nozzle Attachments to Satisfy Various Inflation Needs
1. Long Nozzle: Suitable for certain airbeds and air mattresses.
2. Funnel-Shaped Long Nozzle: Appropriate for swim rings and some air pillows.
3. Rubber Short Nozzle: Fits some outdoor inflatable pads.
4. Short Nozzle: Used for vacuum storage bags and certain inflatable mattresses.

Ultrasonic Heat-Pressing Technique
Constructed with high-strength ABS plastic that offers good heat resistance and stability.

Slide-Switch Operation
More convenient to operate.

Doubles as a Power Bank for Emergency Use
Features a built-in 3600mAh lithium battery, instantly transforming into a power bank when outdoors.
Exterior Material ABS Plastic
Interior Components Motor/PCB/Polymer Lithium Battery
Dimensions 51.5×58×77mm
Inflation Pressure 2 KPA
Deflation Pressure 1.8 KPA
Inflation Speed 300 L/min
Compression Ratio 50%
Average Power 15.5 W
Battery Capacity 3600 mAh
Weight 145g



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