Cast Iron Stake

High Hardness, More Secure, Designed for Outdoor CampingApproximately 20-25 cm is suitable for standard tarps/tentsApproximately 30-35 cm...
Size: 20CM (4pcs)
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Cast Iron Stake

Cast Iron Stake


Cast Iron Stake

Size: 20CM (4pcs)
High Hardness, More Secure, Designed for Outdoor Camping

Approximately 20-25 cm is suitable for standard tarps/tents
Approximately 30-35 cm is ideal for large tarps/tents

Detail Introduction
1. Quick Attachment Hole: Convenient for fast securing, saving time and effort
2. Quality Logo: Embossed logo to highlight the quality
3. Anti-Loss Design: The lower ear design prevents the rope from detaching in windy conditions
4. Flat Head Design: User-friendly flat head to prevent accidental injuries

Carbon Steel Material, Tough and Unyielding Quality
Made from carbon steel with high hardness, resistant to bending, rust-proof design, and not prone to corrosion.

Instructions for Use

1. Maintain the stake at about a 60° angle to the ground, leaving about 7 cm of length at the top to hammer in for fixation.
2. Once fixed to the ground, tie the guy rope around the stake.

Multiple Extraction Methods
1. The stake can be pulled out directly using the rope attached to it, or with a hammer equipped with a tail hook.
2. If it is difficult to extract, insert another stake into the quick attachment hole at the top of the first stake and shake it left and right to pull out.
Material Carbon Steel
Dimensions 200mm
Weight 200mm: 99g
300mm: 185g


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