CANGHAI Air Pump 110

Intelligent Inflation Pump — Smart pressure system that combines inflation and deflation in one, automatically stops when...
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Product Type: AIR PUMP
Color: Khaki
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CANGHAI Air Pump 110

CANGHAI Air Pump 110


CANGHAI Air Pump 110

Color: Khaki
Intelligent Inflation Pump — Smart pressure system that combines inflation and deflation in one, automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached for ease and convenience.

Powerful, High-Efficiency Inflation Without the Wait
Achieves a high-pressure output of 110 kPa, with an inflation flow rate of up to 350 L/min and a deflation flow rate of up to 70 L/min (*A loud noise may occur when the pump switches to high-pressure mode, which is a normal phenomenon).

Multiple Nozzle Options to Meet a Variety of Inflation Needs
1. Large Nozzle: For inflating tents and air columns (*If an integrated inflatable tent does not fully inflate, check if the air column connection is blocked, clear the passage manually, and reinflate until full).
2. Medium Nozzle: For air pillows and small air mattresses.
3. Angled Nozzle: For swim rings, air pillows, etc.
4. Nozzle 802: For air mattresses, inflatable sofas, paddleboards, etc.
5. Adapter 805 and SUP Adapter: For inflating paddleboards, etc.
*Do not operate continuously for more than 20 minutes.

Various Inflation Modes
Adjustable airflow to suit different needs.

Comes with a Storage Bag
Easily carried with one hand, facilitating convenient transport and tidy storage.
Dimensions 28*23.1*13.1cm
Pressure 16 PSI ≈ 110 kPa
Inflation Flow Rate 350 L/min
Deflation Flow Rate 70 L/min
Inflation Power 100W
Deflation Power 11W
Battery Capacity 4000 mAh
Weight 2.38 kg (excluding carrying bag)



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