In 2003, Cold Mountain was born,
A saga shaped by over 800,000 sales, a legend in the industry.

Over two decades, Mobi Garden has unfailingly upheld the essence of "professional camping".
Transporting the stringent equipment demands of high-altitude camping to all scenarios – city camping, campground camping, mountain camping, car camping, and waterside camping.

Harnessing superior aesthetics, a more humane design, and a more culturally resonant brand power
We've crafted a mobile home in nature – a ease unlocking the grandeur of the outdoors. 

Born from love, advancing with professionalism.
For twenty years, we have never paused. 
Exploration, expertise, perseverance, creation, passion.

Two decades on, Mobi Garden moves forth, our original aspirations unchanged, all to make more people fall in love with their home in nature.
Thank you for accompanying us on this journey over the past 20 years.

Thank you for your faith in us.
We are all children of nature.
The next 20 years starts now.

Mobi Garden
Mobi Garden
Mobi Garden