Bathing Snow 3 Plus High-Altitude Professional Tent

The pace of exploration never stops. Everything is unknown, each ascent may last for months, yet nothing...
Color: Red
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Bathing Snow 3 Plus High-Altitude Professional Tent

Bathing Snow 3 Plus High-Altitude Professional Tent

$0.00 $599.00

Bathing Snow 3 Plus High-Altitude Professional Tent

$0.00 $599.00
Color: Red

The pace of exploration never stops. Everything is unknown, each ascent may last for months, yet nothing can deter the determination of climbers.

Professional high-altitude windproof and snowproof camping tent: Bathing Snow 3 Plus tent is designed for high-altitude camping, suitable for use at an altitude of 7000 meters. With low-temperature resistance and tear resistance, it is suitable for camping in snowy and rocky areas. It can effectively resist wind, sand, and rain or snow invasion, making it a reliable partner for professional mountaineers.

Exoskeleton support, quick setup: The exoskeleton support structure allows for rapid setup in harsh weather conditions. Set up the outer tent first, followed by the inner tent, ensuring that the inner tent remains dry and unaffected by rain or snow.

Expanded vestibule space for storage and cooking: The tent features a spacious vestibule area for storing camping supplies and can also serve as a windproof and snowproof kitchen, dealing with harsh environments.

Rear extension space, rain and snow protection: The rear extension space design prevents contact with the inner tent and keeps rain and snow out. The expanded space can be used to store shoes and other items, keeping them dry.

Inverted snow skirt design, wind and snow resistance: The false floor design enhances wind, snow, and sand resistance. The interior can be supported by compressible items, combined with a groundsheet to reduce camping weight directly.

Korean DAC aluminum pole support: The tent uses Korean DAC high-strength 11mm diameter aluminum poles to resist extreme cold and strong winds. Widely used in mountain tents, they are sturdy, flexible, and ultra-lightweight.

Low-temperature and tear-resistant fabric: The tent is made of low-temperature-resistant (withstanding -40°C without damage) and tear-resistant, ultra-light 50D polyester grid fabric with PU waterproofing 2000. It is tough and lightweight, fearless in the face of challenges. (Reinforced areas use 210D Oxford fabric for added durability)

Hanging double-layer breathable inner tent: The inner tent features a double-layer design, with one layer of breathable fabric and one layer of mesh. It provides ventilation while preventing cold air intrusion, maintaining warmth.

Silver-coated sunshade canopy: The tent is equipped with a silver-coated sunshade canopy, effectively resisting intense high-altitude UV rays, providing secure sun protection.

Professional accessories: The tent uses DAC buckles, Duraflex buckles, ITW buckles, YKK zippers, and other professional accessories to enhance the overall durability of the tent, providing peace of mind through attention to detail.

2.5MM thick core wind-resistant rope: The rope has strong pulling force, as tough and reliable as a fishing line, demonstrating unwavering tenacity.

Breathable ventilation windows: Ventilation windows are designed for airflow when using stoves in the vestibule. They also serve as observation ports for monitoring external conditions.

Triple-zipper design vent hood: The top vent hood features a triple-layer zipper design, allowing for operation from within the tent, providing convenience and energy-saving.

The Bathing Snow 3 Plus tent, with its professional performance, durable materials, and meticulous design, is a reliable partner for high-altitude climbers facing harsh weather and extreme environments. Whether confronted with wind, snow, rain, or rocky terrain, this tent provides a comfortable shelter for climbers, helping them forge ahead and explore unknown boundaries.

Outer tent material Polyester grid fabric 50D 230T PU2000MM W/R UV40+
Inner tent material Nylon breathable fabric 20D 400T double line grid 0.25*0.25CM W/R
Mesh material D33-54G mesh
Pole material Aluminum poles (DAC φ11MM and φ9.5MM + regular φ9.5MM)
Dimensions (75+70+220+45)*190*115CM
Packed size 46*23*23CM
Guy rope 7
Stakes 17 aluminum + 4 iron
Weight 6.94KG
Floor material Polyester fiber
Floor waterproof rating PU4000MM


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